Wenger Watch Europa League Special: Olivier Giroud To The Rescue!

Olivier Giroud's incredible goal kicked off Arsene Wenger's inexorable march back into Arsenal fans' good graces.

The bad taste in Arsenal fans' mouths from losing to Watford this weekend is still there, but it was diluted a bit when Arsenal's extremely handsome Frenchman went inverted to lift the Gunners over Red Star Belgrade.

It was cool!

Giroud's acrobatics were enough to move the needle of the Wenger-O-Mether A LITTLE BIT, still in the Wenger OUT position but now under SLIGHTLY LESS DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Wenger Watch

Fortunately for Wenger IN fans, Arsenal face Everton this weekend, and Everton have just been awful lately, with even Ronald Koeman admitting he'll be fired soon if he doesn't produce any results. At the time of this writing, Everton were down 1-0 to Lyon at halftime in their Europa League match (update: it's tied now).

But back to Arsenal. They managed to win without Alexandre Lacazette, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez on the pitch, which is good, and also means Wenger is saving his BIG GUNS for Everton. The Wenger Watch can hardly wait.

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