Watch Two Grown Men Fight Over A Pie

Nottingham Forest: it just means more.

Ah yes, Nottingham Forest's famed City Ground, where folks clad in red gather to cheer on their plucky lads in England's Championship division. Truly, this is where the soul of football lives, away from the glitz and glamour, the flashy cars and inflated transfer fees, the private jets and inflated egos. Here, it's about one thing: the fans. Here, folks know it's the fans who make football truly special, which is why—PIE FIGHT! PIE FIGHT!

OK, not a "pie fight" in the sense of people fighting with pies, but grown men fighting over who gets to eat the last pie is just as delicious.

That fightin' spirit must not have translated to the pitch, as Nottingham Forest lost 2-0 to Leeds. Perhaps if they sweetened the deal by giving the match-winners some pie . . . 

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