Watch: Commentator doesn’t realize his mic has autotune enabled and gives epic goal call

The wonders of autotune have forever changed the music landscape, now it’s made its way to the broadcasting scene. 

In a hilarious video a commentator in Argentina didn’t realize autotune was turned on while calling an Argentina Reserve League game.

Excursionistas opened the scoring with a great cross and finish, but this goal will always be remembered for the autoned commentary.

Argentina autotune goal commentary

This is incredible and makes us wish that the master of autotune T-Pain commentated on USMNT or USWNT games. 

The voice behind the goal in Argentina was Santino Ulacia who explained what happened during the broadcast.

Ulacia said that he was setting up like he would for any other day but when it was time to start, he had no idea that the autotune switch had been flipped on. He ended up commentating the entire first half in autotune.

At halftime he was flooded with tweets about the autotune call and the hilarious video. He was able to switch it off and call the game regularly, but honestly, we’re not sure if he should ever turn it off. His autotune goal call was a masterpiece.

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