Watch: USL side Rhode Island show how to execute an indirect free kick perfectly

Indirect free kicks in the penalty box don’t happen often, but when they do it always makes for a spectacle. An indirect free kick goal from Rhode Island FC in the USL Championship on Friday is the exact chaos we love to see.

In the 89th minute Rhode Island trailed 2-0 to Phoenix Rising but had a late opportunity to give the crowd something to cheer about with an indirect free kick from roughly 12 yards out.

Phoenix created a wall of nearly the entire team spread out in front of goal, but Rhode Island were clever enough to produce this piece of magic.

Rhode Island indirect free kick goal

What a strike from Clay Holstad. The former Kentucky Wildcats midfielder couldn’t have placed it any better.

Phoenix Rising spoiled the party rather quickly scoring just a minute late to deny any hopes of a comeback. 

Rhode Island may not have won the game, but they won us over with a beautiful indirect free kick routine. Magnificent stuff.

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