Watch: Drake University freshman scores insane flip throw-in goal

Drake University freshman Zoey Mahoney scored an unforgettable first career goal on Sunday with an unbelievable throw-in that has gone viral. This Drake throw in goal has to be seen to be believed.

Just five minutes into the game Mahoney opened the scoring with a somersault throw-in from way downtown.

Drake throw in goal

Unreal! And yes, the goal did count.

A player can’t score directly from a throw-in, however because the opposing goalkeeper touched the ball before it crossed the line the goal stands.

If the goalkeeper had just let the ball go into the goal it wouldn’t have stood.

Despite the goalkeeper error, Mahoney deserves her credit. The Drake freshman has a background in gymnastics and was comfortable pulling off the difficult throw-in.

Drake went on to win the game 2-1.

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