ESPN soundboard loses control and plays Among Us sounds during Boca Juniors game

Something went terribly awry during ESPN’s broadcast of Boca Juniors’ 3-0 victory in the Argentine Primera División on Tuesday. It’s not a good sign when “Boca Juniors Among Us” is trending.

Live sports production is a well-oiled machine that typically provides an easy viewing experience for fans (unless it’s trying to watch soccer on Paramount+).

People might not realize how little it takes for a broadcast to go screwy. It’s unclear what happened Tuesday night, but someone hit a couple of the wrong buttons during the Boca Juniors game.

Boca Juniors Among Us sounds

From start to finish the clip is absurd. In the middle of the game the feed of the pitch is switched to an establishing shot of the stadium to the tune of Formula 1 music. You can hardly hear the commentators. And to top it all off there are sounds from the popular game “Among Us” sprinkled in.

This is what sports on drugs must sound/look like.

Boca Juniors found the humorous side of the incident and made a joke about it via Twitter after the game.

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