This Video Perfectly Breaks Down Luis Suarez's Diving Technique

Luis Suarez is famous for throwing himself on the ground and writhing in pretend pain. This video explains exactly how he does it.

Luis Suarez is famous for three things: scoring lots of goals, biting the occasional person and throwing himself to the ground in mock panic like air-raid sirens are going off.

He hasn't bitten anyone in a while, so the flopping has lately become the most scrutinized and ridiculed part of Suarez's existence in the soccer universe. You may have partaken in this yourself, but I bet you didn't know there is a method to Suarez's madness. Behind his seemingly-spontaneous dives is an intricate technique that many can learn but few can master. Suarez is a master.

Fortunately, during our explorations across the Internet we have come across a video that perfectly explains Suarez's flopping technique. Any aspiring penalty-earners might want to take note, this information could help immensely later in your careers.

Really, any player could learn a thing or two from this video. Class is in session.

(Note: this is, of course, a sequel to "This Video Perfectly Explains How Transfer Rumors Are Formed")

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