This Video Of Children Fighting Proves It's Never Too Early To Start Practicing Hooliganism

Cameras captured the moment when two children in Iran realized their destinies as soccer hooligans.

You are never too young to learn important life skills: how to balance a checkbook, how to navigate the convoluted world of health insurance, how to win the heart of a special someone who has caught your eye, how to keep your credit score high so as to procure advantageous interest rates on mortgages, car loans and the like.

How to win a fight at a soccer match.

Nope, never too young. Punching other fans at soccer matches is an important part of adulthood in places all around the world, and the sooner children learn the proper techiques, the better. Form is critical. You don't want to hurt yourself while smashing your fist into the temple of a rival supporter. That would be unseemly! And you would have to wear a cast after.

These young 'uns will be smashing their fists into each other for realsies soon enough. For now, though, we cannot stress the importance of practice enough. Hard work pays off. You get what you put in.

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