Top 10 new MLS jerseys for 2023

Now that almost every team has released its new jerseys, it's clear that this year is going to be special. From California to Chicago and DC to Dallas, every single team has produced some magic making a list like this almost impossible. Honorable mentions must go out to Columbus, New England and Real Salt Lake who all just missed out but undoubtedly deserve recognition for creating spectacular kits for their cities. These ten were just a step above. 

Top 10 new MLS Jerseys for 2023

10. LA Galaxy: The LA Kit

By far the lamest kit name on this list, the LA Galaxy’s new secondary jersey is inspired by the Los Angeles city flag. The red, green and yellow designs on the collar and sleeves add a classic feel to an extremely clean kit. 

9. DC United: The Cherry Blossom Kit

The cherry tree is synonymous with America’s capital, and DC United has fully embraced the symbol. The predominantly white secondary kit features a cherry blossom on the left side. Any guesses for how many goals Christian Benteke will score in it?

8. Chicago Fire: A Kit For All

At first glance, the design feels more like a training top, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It’s interesting to look at and it’s got a central logo that actually works with the design, which is more than can be said for many other clubs. The only critique is that it would look better with a decent sponsor, so keep an eye out for that in the future. 

7. NYCFC: The Interboro kit

One of the only primary kits on this list, New York City’s new jersey features a mosaic pattern depicting the club’s logo as a nod to the city’s five boroughs. It also features a torch inspired by the Statue of Liberty on the bottom of the kit, “an idea borne out of a workshop with Young Leaders from City in the Community, the nonprofit foundation proudly supported by NYCFC,” the club said. 

6. FC Dallas: The Burn Baby Burn Kit

Harking back to the club’s inception, FC Dallas’s new secondary kit is a white number with flame designs taken from the old Dallas Burn logo giving the shirt a retro vibe. It’s fun to look at and it’ll definitely look great on Jesús Ferreira.

5. Portland Timbers: The Plaid Kit

The other primary kit on this list comes from the west coast. Portland’s first-ever plaid jersey pays homage to the city’s culture and features gold accents along with a special tag on the bottom of the kit featuring “slices of the victory log, surrounded by the words ‘For the Rose City’ and ‘Portland Timbers.’” The deep green base combined with the gold makes for an immediate fan favorite.

4. Colorado Rapids: The “New Day” Kit

Designed by artist and Colorado icon Pat Milbery, the Rapids’ new away kit is a geometric pattern with mental health at its core. Colorado’s New Day kit reminds everyone that it’s ok to not be ok. Its meaning alone is enough to warrant a top spot on this list, but the fact that it looks as visually stunning as it does solidifies its place among the best of the best.

3. Philadelphia Union: The For Philly Kit

For the club’s new secondary kit, the Union will “pay homage to the clouds of blue and gold smoke that surround Subaru Park on match days,” according to the club. It’s a nod to Philly’s 2019 playoff run and the memorable tagline “Philly or Nothing,” that the team adopted at the time. To be honest, the backstory is kinda weak, but even without a cool origin story, the kit is easily one of the best-looking in the league. 

2. Seattle Sounders: The Bruce Lee Kit

The Sounders are continuing their tradition of honoring Seattle icons with their away kits. After the massive success of the previous jersey inspired by the late Jimi Hendrix, the new all-red away kit pays tribute to Bruce Lee with a bold dragon design across the front. 

1. Minnesota United: The Northern Lights Kit

Wow. Inspired by “the world's greatest light show,” Minnesota United has concocted a secondary jersey that would not look out of place at an art exhibit. The gradient design that fades from white on the bottom to light blue on top is stunning and a must-have for any collector.

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