A Soccer Stadium With A Ski Jump Is A great Idea, Actually

The Guardian claims to practice "responsible journalism", and generally that's true, but they've gone too far this time. This very distressing headline adorned one of their articles about a peculiar stadium in South Korea, and we are just so mad we could spit:

What is the last thing a football club needs? A stadium with ski jumps

I wholeheartedly disagree, The Guardian, that sounds like a thing every football club needs right this instant. I am not wondering why a football club would possibly have a stadium with ski jumps. I am wondering why on earth it took someome this long to make it happen.


Think about it: it's a soccer stadium with a ski jump. What's not to like here? I would argue that everything could be improved with added ski jumps, and soccer stadiums are of course no exception.

I am not suggesting you make the ski jump part of the action (that would be cool though), you just need to have one handy because it looks cool and fans can imagine all the cool things you can do with a ski jump during lulls in the game. And then, when there isn't soccer going on, you can use the ski jump for ski jumping. It's perfect.

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