This Soccer Genetic Testing Commercial Is Unnerving And Also Really Bad

There are a lot of bad commercials which make it on TV. Sometimes, though, a commercial is so bad it becomes good, like life found poetry. 

Soccer Genomics is a company that will test your genes for various soccer-related traits and convey that information back to you so you can make judgments. Soccer Genomics encourages parents to do this for their children because presumably they are insane and think a lot of parents are insane too.

This is an extremely bad commercial. It is also an extremely good commercial.

First of all, do not get your children a soccer DNA test. Just live your life. Allow your children to live theirs. Also, the science behind Soccer Genomics and the like isn't as clear-cut as they make it seem. Do not fall for this, parents. Just sit back and enjoy how funny and dumb this commercial is.

(H/T Deadspin)

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