Raheem Sterling Scored A Worldie In Training And It Made Joe Hart Real Mad

Raheem Sterling scored a great goal in England training, which led to some yelling from Joe Hart.

Raheem Sterling is not known for his shooting, but he put a screamer past Joe Hart in England training this week. The best part, though, is Hart's reaction to being beaten by his former Manchester City teammate.


That, my friends, is a little noise I like to call "frustrated dad". I am not a dad but I follow many of them on Twitter, and that's what Joe Hart sounds like to me.

Here are some situations in which one might make such a noise:

Just stepped on a Lego.

Dog went out, didn't pee, comes back in, pees.

Goes to grocery store, gets food to grill, doesn't get propane, comes back home, out of propane.

Builds child a play set, can't find the piece that holds it all together.

Child is still not dressed and now is going to be late for school.

Leaves house, child forgot raincoat, has to go back.

Already late for soccer practice, car gets flat tire.

Tells children to go play baseball at the park instead of in the back yard, 10 minutes later baseball comes crashing through kitchen window.

Lawnmower won't start.

Go to change the oil but can't find the oil filter wrench.


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