Build A Grilled Cheese And We’ll Tell You Which Soccer Player You Are

We're coming after your crown, Playbuzz.

I watched a rollercoaster of a film called The Void this weekend. Throughout the entirety, I kept asking myself: “How did we get here? How do we exit this ride?" But I also ate same damn fine grilled cheese (caramelized onions). 

You always take a risk — putting yourself out there in the Netflix horror category — and sometimes you leave with more questions than answers. Sometimes you want something definitive, something like a melted cheese sandwich with pesto or ketchup, but sometimes you’re left to wonder: What sort of cult is this? How is there an interdimensional vortex below this hospital? What sort of soccer player am I?  

Build a grilled cheese sandwich, put on The Void, and figure out where a group of mysterious hooded figures praising some sort musculoskeletal overlord begins and where you end.

Which Soccer Player Are You 2019: Grilled Cheese Edition