Patiently Waiting For The Everton-Lil' Wayne Collaboration

Everton accidentally tagged Lil' Wayne in a tweet, and now we must have an Everton-Lil' Wayne collaboration.

English Premier League club Everton have had a brush with fame after tagging rapper Lil' Wayne in a photo instead of forward Wayne Rooney.

I want to know who the person is at Everton who thought Wayne Rooney's Twitter name was "Lil Wayne WEEZY F."

Idea: Everton should sign Lil' Wayne. The main thing missing from this Everton squad is true attacking flair, and Lil' Wayne is nothing if not flamboyant. Stylistically, he would complement the workmanlike Wayne Rooney perfectly.

I mean, it's not like Lil' Wayne doesn't know about soccer. Remember his verse on Jay Z's "Run This Town?" He says "man I kicks it/b*tch get your shinguards." Kicks! Shinguards! Those are soccer things!

Everton were one of the most ambitious clubs in England during the summer transfer window, but those moves haven't seemed to pan out. Surely they could take a flyer on Lil' Wayne? It would be worth it for his halftime performances alone.

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