NWSL Fan Base Comes In Clutch, Again

This is one of the best fan bases out there, no question about it.

In the NWSL Challenge Cup bubble, most players wanted coffee to fuel their bodies.

And the NWSL delivered! A coffee truck was quickly brought on scene for players to enjoy. Thank goodness.

And since women’s soccer players make so much money, they had to pay for the cup-o-Joe themselves. Not too bad in comparison to what MLS was making the men’s teams pay for elementary-like school lunches, but still.

Luckily, the NWSL fan base came in clutch. Again. They raised over $1,900 in just two hours to pay for coffee for all the players and staff. If this doesn’t warm your heart I don’t know what will.

The GoFundMe has now raised over $5000-teams are now asking that the money be donated to charity.

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