Here are the top seven nuttiest soccer fans we’ve all met at one point

Soccer fans who have attended games from the professional level down to the youth level can agree there’s a wide range of supporters out there.

People of different backgrounds, characteristics and traits all blend together like PB&J into a melting pot of fandom.

Soccer and peanuts may seem quite different from each other, however what they both do well is bring together all different kinds of people. 

Peanuts have more protein than any nut (7g per serving), containing more than 30 essential vitamins and minerals, and are a good source of fiber and good fats.

In honor of those seven grams we take a look at the seven nuttiest fans we see at soccer games. See how many of these fans you recognize from our list of fans we know all too well.

The Soccer Peanut Gallery

The person who screams from minute one to minute 90


This person’s lungs must be made of titanium because they never stop to take a breather all game. From the moment the whistle is blown to start the game they’re howling.

At some point you’re not even sure what they’re hollering about anymore. They deserve some credit though, their team could be losing 4-0 and the shouts of enthusiasm will still rain down.

The full kit wannabe


How did they even get through security with the cleats on? Are they wearing shin guards too?

Wearing the team’s jersey to a game is the norm, but this fan wears the entire uniform from head to toe.

This fan is so invested in their team they actually believe they’re part of the squad. If any of the players happen to get injured then a replacement is waiting in Section 206, Row 3, Seat 7.

Guy who always brings a drum


This dude’s drum follows him like his shadow. 

The game’s importance has no influence on the drum making an appearance. He could be attending the championship game or a recreational league game for his 6-year-old and the drum is coming regardless.


Person who knows what will happen but rushes the field anyway

You really can’t take this person anywhere because you know they’re going to embarrass themselves. Coming into the stadium their only goal was to sneak onto the field somehow.

There’s no reasoning with them so all you can do is grab the peanuts, sit back, relax and watch the chaos.

Shows up at the second half thinking the game just started


Time doesn’t really exist for this fan as they operate on their own personal time zone. Despite the three missed calls and eight text messages you sent them they still find a way to show up late.

The craziest part is that they still love watching the game, however arriving on time is something completely out of their wheelhouse.

The guy who insists on starting the wave



Why is this dude trying to get the wave going at a youth soccer game that only has 30 fans at it?

No matter the scenario this guy insists there’s no bad time to do a wave and he’ll try it all game long. There’s no happier person on Earth than when he’s in a packed stadium and gets the wave started.

The part-time fan, part-time statistician


Who knew there was so much math involved with the beautiful game? This fan is all about the numbers where it gets to the point you don’t even know what they’re talking about.

What started as “which team has more goals” had evolved into “possession in each third, expected goals, percent possession, xGOT, over-unders, differentials and other terms you’re not sure anyone has heard before.

At least they seem to be having fun with all their statistics.

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