Watch: Goalkeeper breaks goal in half after making free kick save

One of the most ridiculous plays we’ve ever seen just happened, with a goal completely falling apart mid-free kick.

Watch: Goalkeeper breaks goal after making incredible free kick save

In a USPL match in New England between amateur clubs Boston Street FC and GZS Bridgeport FC, a free kick attempt bound to hit the back of the net, stopped by the goalkeeper with an amazing save, ended in the utter destruction of the goal posts mid-play.

After Boston Street FC’s goalkeeper was able to make the save, the keeper struck the left goal-post, disassembling the whole goal and making it fall apart while the ball was still in play.

So this halpened today

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Following the rebound from the incredible save and the fall of the goal structure, a GZS Bridgeport FC player took a shot inside the box that seemed to have been “at goal,” with the ball flying through the invisible net.

Despite complaints from the players, the goal was not awarded on the scoresheet as Bridgeport went on to win 1-0.

This play reminded us of the infamous clickbait thumbnails used in YouTube videos, with this photoshopped picture of Thibaut Courtois standing next to a goal broken in half not looking very clickbait after all.

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