Meet Badass Of The Day Michael Olise Who Walks Off Fan Hitting Him In Head With Bottle And Scores Worldie

For any American who doesn’t follow the various teams in England too closely, it’s important to know that Millwall fans are some of the worst. Imagine Philadelphia Eagles fans after slamming down a ludicrous amount Red Bull and vodka and then sprinkle in some racism.

Millwall has a history of racism, hooliganism and overall, just being the scum of England.

Crystal Palace’s Michael Olise got a front row seat to the Millwall experience when he was hit in the head with a bottle thrown from the crowd while taking a corner. Did the 20-year-old crumple to the ground clutching his face? No, this badass hardly flinched and then proceeded to egg on the Millwall crowd.

Olise was 100% in the right to talk his shit as he led Palace to a 2-1 comeback victory. He scored a worldie and had a beautiful assist to the dismay of the Millwall fans. These two videos of Olise crushing the spirit of the Millwall faithful belong in a museum.

Crystal Palace will advance to the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Crystal Palace vs. Millwall Full Highlights

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