Lionel Messi films promotional video with Will Smith for Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Messi is officially a ‘Bad Boy.’

Inter Miami’s Lionel Messi made a surprise collaboration with Hollywood’s Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to promote the upcoming release and fourth installment of the Bad Boys film franchise.

Messi films promo video with Will Smith for Bad Boys: Ride or Die

Amidst the release of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, set to release on June 7, 2024, the iconic Miami movie duo teamed-up with none other than Miami’s superstar to make a video to continue their promotional campaign of the highly-anticipated film.

Messi, despite appearing and acting in a Super Bowl commercial earlier this year, played it safe and only did what he does best: kicking a ball.

In the viral clip, Smith and Lawrence are looking into Miami Marina as they plan to kick a ball into the water when Messi ‘crashes’ their skit and kicks the ball into the camera instead. 

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"Pateando con los chicos. #BadBoys. Kickin’ it with the boys. #BadBoys” read the caption on the collaboration post.

This video comes just a couple days after Messi, along with star teammates Luis Suárez and Sergio Busquets received backlash over their absence in Inter Miami’s trip to Vancouver, Canada to face off against the Whitecaps on Saturday. Messi did not report any injuries.

BC Place recorded a historic attendance of 50,035 fans, most of which were anticipating to see the Argentine make an appearance.

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