Lionel Messi and Ted Lasso’s Michelob ad wins our favorite Super Bowl commercial

Enough time has passed that we can look back on Super Bowl 58 and all agree that the commercials were lackluster. That being said, our favorite was the Lionel Messi Super Bowl commercial with Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudeikis and a feature from NFL legend Dan Marino.

We’re not sure what it was but the commercials weren’t that memorable. Many ads followed the cookie-cutter format of somewhat recognizable celebrity does something goofy. It was either that or having to watch three dogshit Temu commercials or ANOTHER homes.com video.

Michelob provided us a reprieve from that and put the most famous athlete in the world on our screens.

Lionel Messi Super Bowl commercial with Michelob Ultra

With Messi making the monumental move from PSG to Major League Soccer’s Inter Miami it was only a matter of time before he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial.

Watching Messi go on one of his dazzling runs past defenders never gets old even if it’s not in a real game.

There was also a potential callback to the viral video of the Argentine dribbling with his dog, Hulk. In the commercial he also takes a pooch to school.

Fans of Apple TV’s hit show “Ted Lasso” were thrilled to see a brief cameo from Sudeikis as he joked that he and Leo “go way back.”

Messi never made a cameo in the show, but it made sense to have the star actor of the most popular and successful soccer TV show in a commercial featuring the Beautiful Game.

Michelob Ultra then ties the commercial back to American football with Marino and Messi exchanging a pass.

MarketingWeek said the ‘Superior Beach’ ad ranked as the most popular Super Bowl commercial this year according to System1 analysis.

We at The18 certainly enjoyed it. We also feel Paramount+ deserves some love for their Champions League 'Nobody watches like U.S.' commercial as the European club competition returned this week.

This advertisement wasn’t targeted toward the general public watching the Super Bowl. This ad was a nod to the American soccer fans who need to bend their work hours or even skip class to watch Champions League games.

Great work from Michelob Ultra and Paramount+ this year in the Super Bowl commercial department.

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