Mainz's Goalkeeper Forgot The Ball

Look, we all have those days. Those days when nothing goes right. Those days when our heads, for whatever reasons, are just not in it. They are elsewhere, in the clouds perhaps. Mainz goalkeeper Robin Zentner had one of those days Saturday when he went to kick the ball and found that OH NO THE BALL IS NOT THERE.

Somehow, via some kind of witchcraft and/or sorcery, Borussia Monchengladbach did not score on this play, so Zentner was (sort of) vindicated.

Bur goodness, y'all.

Zentner did the soccer version of this tweet:

Drink some coffee or something, Robin Zentner. Geez.

Note to aspiring goalkeepers: DO NOT FORGET THE BALL WHEN YOU GO TO KICK IT. The ball is a very important part of your job and you should know where it is at all times, especially if it is directly in front of your goal.

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