These Unbelievable Trophy Lifting Images Will Make You Itch For The World Cup Even More

Winning the World Cup is the emotional paramount for every football player in the planet. 

Over the years, World Cup finals have offered fans unforgettable moments, from fantastic goals to thrilling matches.

However, nothing beats the emotion of lifting the trophy for all the world to see. 

It is such an ecstatic moment. A whole nation celebrates while the whole world acknowledges the most remarkable of accomplishments.

In order to get our World Cup mood full-on, we compiled some striking images featuring teams lifting the most precious trophy in the football universe.

Take a look and feel the thrill!

Uruguay 1930

Uruguay was the first ever World Cup champion when it hosted the first planetary tournament in 1930. What an honor!

Uruguay 1930

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Italy 1934 and 1938

From early on Italy showed the world it was a soccer powerhouse. They won two back-to-back World Cups in 1934 and 1938.

Italy 1938

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Uruguay 1950

After a 12-year gap brought about by the eruption of World War II, the World Cup resumed in 1950 in Brazil. 

The tournament would bring arguably the worst sporting tragedy for the Brazilians, as Uruguay beat them in the final at Estadio Maracaná.

The memory is still hurtful for Brazil.

Uruguay 1950

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West Germany 1954

Even after Germany was split in two as a consequence of its World War II defeat, West Germany was good enough to win the 1954 edition of the World Cup. They beat Hungary 3-2 in the final.

West Germany 1954

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Brazil 1958 and 1962

Eight years after the tragic "maracanazo," the verde amarelha won their first ever World Cup in Sweden, when they defeated the host team 5-2. 

A 17-year-old Pele won his first of three world championships that year. 

Four years later, Brazil would win its second World Cup trophy after beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final.

Brazil 1958

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England 1966

In 1966, England hosted the World Cup and proved there are advantages to playing at home.

In a controversial final against West Germany, Sir Bobby Charlton led England to win its first and only World Cup to date. 

Ever since, England has failed to live up to the expectations despite having fantastic players and a remarkable domestic league.

England 1966

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Brazil 1970

In 1970, Mexico hosted the World Cup. As was becoming usual, Brazil displayed unparalleled talent and an iconic style of play. 

Great players like Rivelino, Pele and Socrates lead the verde amarhela to win another World Cup trophy. 

Pele won his third World Cup, an extraordinary accomplishment.

Brazil 1970

Pele lifting the World Cup in 1970 Photo: @nattyroons | Twitter

West Germany 1974

West Germany hosted the World Cup in 1974 and mythical Franz Beckenbauer led the team, beating the Netherlands in the final 2-1. It was West Germany's second World Cup championship.

Beckenbauer 1974

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Argentina 1978

Argentina hosted the World Cup in 1978 under a dictatorial regime. At the time, rumors said the Argentinean regime did everything in its power to secure the world title. 

Be that as it may, the truth is Argentina managed to win the trophy playing good football.

It was their first victory on the planetary stage.

Argentina 1978

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Italy 1982

Italy beat West Germany 3-1 in the 1982 World Cup final played in Spain. It was the third World Cup title for the Azzurri.

Italy 1982

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Argentina 1986

Eight years had passed since Argentina won its first World Cup title at home. 

In 1986 Mexico hosted its second World Cup and it was one for the ages.

Diego Armando Maradona lead La Albiceleste to their second world championship and delivered some unforgettable moments like his famous solo goal and scoring using his hand in an immortal play that was to be forever remembered as "La mano de Dios" (the hand of God).

Maradona 1986

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West Germany 1990

West Germany got its sporting revenge in 1990 when the nation won its fourth world cup title in Italy. In 1982, the Italians had beaten the Germans in the final but now it was Die Mannschaft that prevailed on Italian soil.

West Germany 1990

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Brazil 1994

After a 24-year drought, Brazil won its fourth World Cup title in the 1994 tournament hosted by the U.S. 

In a goalless final against Italy, Brazil needed to go all the way to the penalty kick shootout to secure its victory at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Brazil 1994

Brazil lifting the World Cup trophy. Photo: @CronopioToday | Twitter

France 1998

Zinedine Zidane led France to its first and only World Cup victory. 

France hosted the tournament that year and that was definitely a huge motivation for Les Bleus.

At the Stade de France, the French beat Ronaldo's Brazil 3-0.

France 1998

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Brazil 2002

After its resounding defeat in France, Brazil pulled back and made it to the final in 2002. They had to face Germany in the final, but managed to pull through thanks to brilliant Ronaldo with the craziest haircut you'll ever see.

Brazil World Cup 2002

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Italy 2006

Everything was set for Germany to lift the World Cup trophy as it hosted the tournament in 2006. However, Italy and France were in fantastic form and prevented the local side from making it to the final.

Perhaps the final's most iconic moment is not the final whistle but rather Zinedine Zidane being sent off after his unforgettable head butt to Italy's Marco Materazzi.

France missed Zidane greatly in the penalty shootout and lost the game to the Azzurri, who conquered their fourth world championship.

Italy World Cup 2006

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Spain 2010

Thanks to a golden generation of players led by Xavi Hernández, Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Iker Casillas, Spain finally was able to win the World Cup.

With the tiki taka playing style in its heyday, La Furia Roja outplayed just about any rival they faced.

The final against the Netherlands was close but Iker Casillas saved a one-on-one play against Arjen Robben and Andrés Iniesta scored the most glorious goal for his country in the 116th minute of extra time.

Spain 2010

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Germany 2014

No European side had conquered the World Cup playing in America. 

In 2014 the table was set for host Brazil to win the title for the sixth time. 

However, no one could foresee what happened to the Scratch do Ouro in the semifinals as Brazil was torn apart 7-1 by Germany.

The final vs. Argentina meant a unique chance for La Albiceleste to win the trophy in the land of utmost rival Brazil.

However, Die Mannschaft was on the way. In extra time, Mario Götze scored the only goal of the match, giving the title and the glory to Germany once again.

Germany 2014

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Who do you think will lift the World Cup trophy come July?

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