Top 7 Soccer Hype Videos To Revive Your Excitement For The World Cup

These soccer stars put the Die Hard franchise to shame with these action-packed promos. Lights, ball and action!

Whether it’s a brand image stunt by sports giants like Nike and Adidas or a fan-made video, the beautiful game brings out the naked, truthful human in all of us. These mini-movies, montages of absolute fiction that will make you weep in agony that they’re not real, encapsulate all that is soccer: absolute beauty. Minus Eric Cantona, the dude is practically in every soccer video ever made.

Here are The18’s favorite soccer hype videos. And please, by all means, it’s alright to cry. 

The Samba

Legend has it every Brazilian is born with a ball. Every doctor, engineer, politician and farmer — all with a ball. Those who make it into Brazil’s national team? Three, of course. Just don’t mention anything about Germany, the numbers 7 and 1 and the year 2014. In case you do, the magic word is Ronaldinho: the greatest to ever grace the game and I dare you to dispute it! 

There Will Be Haters

Throw that self-help book away! This is the end-all video to every for-dummies guidebook. I showed this video to my goldfish and now it’s a shark. What’s the number for animal control, again? 

There Goes The Neighborhood

Time to take a quick trip down memory lane where we used our shoes as goal posts and when we got mad, we picked the ball up and called it a day. If only we had the power to summon players like Platini! 

Gotta Save The World!

The devil went down to Georgia, he got bored and decided to challenge the world’s best soccer players. The guy got himself kicked out of heaven; I mean, does he ever think his plans out? We’re tired of your crap, Lucifer! 

The Cage

As if this doesn’t happen in real life, hah! Sure, let’s all hush up about it. First it was no aliens in Area 51, now they’re trying to convince us Eric Cantona isn’t running a secret league in the basement of a cargo ship! Oh, please, how gullible do you think we are? 

Write The Future

This one goes out to those who keep getting sidelined and sidetracked. If they made it; we can make it. Unless you want to get technical and we consider factors we have no control over, but why would we spoil the fun? Then again, dreams become reality every single day and the beautiful game offers a pathway to achieve dreams like no other. 

El Mimo

Thierry Henry, a king of soccer in all his glory. You’re smiling already, aren’t you? Yup, so am I, friend. So am I. 

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