Leaked Photo Of Potential Fines For Aston Villa Players Includes … Birthday Cake And Flip-Flop Fines?

A leaked photo has gone viral reportedly laying out the various Aston Villa fines players could face if they step out of line. The fines range from normal to bizarre, including some that come at a rate of $240 for each minute a player is late.

Aston Villa Fines For Players

Bad time to be late to a meeting according to these Aston Villa fines

The photo of the Aston Villa fines has blown up on the internet. Several news outlets have reported that these are the rules manager Steven Gerrard laid out for the players next season. Gerrard became Villa’s manager in November; therefore, the 2022-23 campaign will be his first full season in charge.

Are these fines meant to be the guidelines of the tight ship Gerrard is running? Well, maybe not. Aston Villa’s Communication Director, Tommy Jordan, has come out to say it’s not Gerrard’s list. He did say that it was a real list from a year ago.

So, it might not be Gerrard’s list, fine. But it does mean that this was last year’s rules. Let’s go through some of my personal favorites. Also, for those not familiar with “Snus,” it is essentially chewing tobacco.

I need to know how on Earth the birthday cake rule works. Does it mean that a player needs to bring in a cake for other players’ birthdays? Or is it BYOC and you bring in a cake on your birthday? Also why is it $60 a day? Does that mean for every day you don’t bring a cake after the birthday it costs you $60? This birthday cake fine fascinates me.

The flip-flop rule is the next best one. I wish they had this fine in place when I was in college. I want to know who is enforcing the flip-flop rule. Are there spies in the shower room or are players reporting each other? Anything to avoid athlete’s foot.

The last rule I quite enjoy is the red card rule. If I knew I was getting a free dinner every time one of my teammate’s got sent off, I would become such an instigator. I would be whispering to my teammates, “personally, I wouldn’t let that slide,” after they were fouled every time. 

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