Kelley O’Hara Update: Still Slamming Budweiser

The worst part about Vlatko Andonovski’s new-look USWNT is probably the absence of right back Kelley O’Hara. There’s nothing Andonovski could do to change that — O’Hara is still dealing with an ankle injury that forced her to miss a significant portion of the NWSL season. 

So the Utah Royals defender is currently continuing her recovery in Washington, D.C., where her partner lives. Last we saw of O’Hara, she was chugging Budweiser in Paris…

Then she was shotgunning Budweiser during her stunning appearance in the ESPN Body Issue…

And now she’s chugging Bud Light at Washington Capitals games. You can tell she’s getting ready for the 2020 NWSL season because she’s switched to light beer.  

According to the team’s website, O’Hara is a Washington Capitals fan. She reminds us of a certain Caps legend — captain Alexander Ovechkin.  

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