Please Let Us Know If You Have Video Of Harry Kane Dancing To "Despacito"

"Despacito," by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, was objectively the only good thing to happen to anyone in 2017. Have a watch and meet me on the other side so we can talk about soccer.

Apparently that's what Tottenham Hotspur play in the locker room. We must say, they have good taste.

But this has us wondering: how does Harry Kane dance? Obviously one must dance to "Despacito." Kane is extremely coordinated and athletic and that points to him being a good dancer, but everything else about him points to him not being a good dancer. We must know his moves to determine the answer. Obviously it's not "the robot," because Peter Crouch already has a claim to that, plus it just doesn't fit with "Despacito."

I would be sad if Kane's go-to dance move was one of those where you just swing your arms a little bit while shuffling side to side, because that is uninteresting (it's also my go-to dance move, please leave me alone). It probably is though, because 

If anyone has video of Harry Kane dancing to "Despacito," please send it our way. Does he sing along? I bet Harry sings along. It is almost impossible not to. That song is addicting.

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