The 10 Funniest Soccer Comedy Sketches Of All Time

Soccer lends itself to comedy. It is, after all, a game of failure and one in which supporters are required to accept a degree of fatalism with their fandom. Certain aspects of the game require us to adapt a gallows humor, while the overwhelming popularity of the sport also makes it an extremely suitable subject matter to lampoon. The funniest soccer comedy sketches of all time highlight the absurdity of it all.

The 10 Funniest Soccer Comedy Sketches Of All Time

#1. Monty Python — Philosophers’ World Cup

#2. Key & Peele — Fútbol Flop

#3. Studio C — Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling

#4. The Day Today — Alan Partridge’s Countdown to World Cup ’94

#5. NBC Sports — An American Coach in London

#6. Mitchell & Webb - Football, Football, Football

#7. Portlandia — Creating a Sign for the Timbers Game

#8. This is That — A new kind of youth soccer

#9. Burnistoun — Wayne Rooneys of the World

#10. The18 — Soccer vs Booze: Don’t Drink and Dribble* 

*Shameless plug

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