Twitter Confounded By Fulton County Elections Director (Atlanta) Wearing Portland Timbers Lanyard

Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron has been a major focus of the nation this week. As eyes converge on Atlanta votes coming in to see if Georgia flips from red to blue in the U.S. presidential election, Barron has appeared on TV to explain the process to media such as CNN.

And he’s done so with some soccer paraphernalia adorned around his neck.

As many on Twitter have pointed out (and my brother texted me about it Wednesday night), Barron has been wearing a Portland Timbers lanyard in all of his interviews on TV. Fulton County, of course, is Atlanta United territory, so many folks were understandably confused. Some jokingly suggested a conspiracy, but we all know conspiracy theories about voter fraud are never true.

So, what gives? Why is an Atlanta-area election director supporting a Portland soccer team? Again, almost all alleged voter fraud is a conspiracy theory purported by those who want to increase voter suppression, so it’s definitely not that.

And it’s not hard to figure out why the Fulton County Elections Director is pro-Portland.

Chris Barron (@tbc5150 on Twitter) claims to be Richard’s brother, and we have no reason to not believe him considering his past tweets prior to Richard’s sudden fame on TV on Wednesday. Chris said Richard has been an Atlanta United season-ticket holder but is a lifelong Timbers fan.

See? No conspiracy theory. Voter fraud isn’t widespread like some would like you to believe. But soccer fans are.

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