LA Galaxy fans outraged on social media after VAR decision for Bouanga’s penalty

LA Galaxy fans are not happy with the turnout of this weekend’s 'El Tráfico' result against LAFC and are blaming their loss on VAR’s poor decision to call a penalty.

LAFC defeated the Galaxy in yet another exciting edition of the Los Angeles derby on Saturday. The match held at BMO Stadium saw both squads go back and forth, with constant chances for both in the attack that resulted in a tight 2-1 victory for The Falcons at their home turf.

Another LAFC win in ‘El Tráfico.’

However, Galaxy fans on social media have showed their upset with the way their club lost the three points, calling the penalty that ultimately gave them the loss “embarrassing” and “never a foul.”

LA Galaxy fans on social media outraged after VAR decision for Bounga penalty in El Tráfico

They kind of have a point, you know.

Fans on social media have found no amusement from the call that ultimately caused the Galaxy’s loss this weekend, with fans calling LAFC’s Denis Bouanga a diver.

In the 34th minute and just moments after the Galaxy had put the score level, a ball played out wide for Bouanga, pushed forward by the Gambia international, saw the LAFC attacker fall to the ground after a tackle made by Galaxy defender Miki Yamane. At full speed and from a distance, the referee had no doubt it was a penalty.

After taking a closer look at the replay, however, Bouanga was seen dragging his right foot at the time of the apparent foul and instigating the only contact that was made inside the box — a sequence that is usually enough to recall a penalty through a VAR review. Could’ve even been booked with yellow card for simulating.

Denis Bouanga penalty vs. LA Galaxy

Though, even after a further VAR review by central referee Jon Freemon, the penalty was controversially upheld.

This has caused a huge wave of complaints on social media over the past days, with even neutral fans and TV personalities that had watched the game labelling the call as “shameful” and “a clear dive.”


Players also showed their upset following the decision, with Galaxy midfielder Riqui Puig voicing his frustration with the refereeing.

"I didn't see any contact for the penalty, even after VAR. That's what I don't understand. If the ref doesn't go to VAR and doesn't want to call it, I get it, but if he reviews it and sees what we all saw, which I believe is no contact, I don't understand how it can be a penalty," said the former FC Barcelona midfielder.

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