The Falcons Collapsed In The Super Bowl Because Kaka Was There

Brazilian midfielder Kaka has been on hand for the two most shocking in-game collapses in recent memory.

On Sunday, millions of people watched the Atlanta Falcons take a 28-3 lead on the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl, then throw that lead away in spectacular fashion and lose the game in overtime.

It was, depending on your perspective, either the most incredible comeback or the most heart-wrenching defeat in recent memory, and will not be forgotten by fans of either team or sports fans in general.

One of those people watching was Orlando City midfielder and former AC Milan man Kaka.

Regular chillin pitch side with @kaka what a player - graceful 

A photo posted by Rio Ferdinand (@rioferdy5) on

You can see where this is going.


Kaka knows a thing or two about taking an early lead, crumbling and then losing in overtime. He probably gave the Falcons some pointers on the sideline during the fourth quarter.

This means Kaka has been present at two of the most dramatic sports meltdowns of the 21st century, the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl and, uh, this:

Kaka is a harbinger of collapse, and it is probably his fault the Falcons lost. If your team takes a seemingly-insurmountable lead in a game and Kaka is there, batten down the hatches. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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