Newspaper Helps Keep The Mood Light For An English Team Shouldering High Expectations

Just a bunch of kids having the time of their lives

When it comes to England and major tournaments, it's easy for headlines to go a lot of pressure-filled, negative places. The Three Lions have not won a World Cup since ’66. Golden generations in the early 2000s failed to perform. More recently, they suffered embarrassment in the Euros two years ago, crashing out of the tournament after a loss to minnows Iceland.

However, The Game, The Times’ weekly supplement dedicated to football, has made sure to remind the country and the world of some of the best, often-obscured storylines of the World Cup. On the day of England's World Cup opener, they released this cover that goes right for the heart strings.

You can almost picture a young, face-painted Harry Kane acting out scoring an England game-winner in his backyard. 

This week, The Game struck again with a cover that makes it hard not to smile. 

The England camp is keeping the competitive spirit alive in creative ways it seems. 

Never lose sight of the behind-the-scenes beauty of the beautiful game, ladies and gents! Hopefully this mentality continues on into the weekend as the Three Lions take on Panama on Sunday. 

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