Don't Let Barcelona's Loss Distract From Sergio Busquets Being A Sorcerer

Sergio Busquets is out here bamboozling people, regardless of the circumstances.

Barcelona lost yesterday. That happened and it was weird because it doesn't happen very often. Some things happened during the game that do happen often, though. One of those was Sergio Busquets calmly, composedly ruining lives.

Busquets received the ball in the midfield with some Espanyol players lurking, thinking they could get the jump on Sergio, and as soon as they thought that it ws over. Sergio rolled the ball behind his leg, did a Cruyff turn, did a roulette pass and trotted away like everything was completely normal. That's because, for Sergio Busquets, everything WAS completely normal.

The year is 2050: the polar ice caps have melted. Society has collapsed. The world is a Mad Max movie, ruled by barbarian tribes. Human hair is currency. Sergio Busquets is still slowly dicing unwary opponents up like a food processor.

The man really is something else. Even when Barcelona don't win. Which they didn't yesterday. They lost. For the first time this season. To Espanyol. Ouch.

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