Chucklehead Goalie Tries To Beat Up Goalpost

You can't fight a goalpost, dude, it's an inanimate object. It can't feel the pain that you feel.

Goalposts cannot feel pain. This I believe, and I believe it strongly. Goalkeepers, however, can surely feel pain, especially after they let in a goal off the goalpost and then headbutt said goalpost in frustration. That is what Cray Valley Paper Mills goalkeeper Jordan Carey did during his side's 5-2 loss to Ashford United.

Cray Valley indeed.

Carey is beating up on the goal all through this video, from hitting the crossbar at the beginning to the three (!!!!) headbutts and a punch.

Bet that lad's head was smarting after that encounter. Bet the goalpost didn't feel a thing.

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