What Christian Eriksen Could Buy If He Goes To Inter Milan

Eriksen could earn $130,000 a week with Inter Milan. Here is a list of things he could buy.

Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen could soon have his wish of leaving Tottenham granted. Eriksen has voiced his displeasure with the club and intends to leave the Premier League to go elsewhere. Serie A side Inter Milan has focused its sights on the 27-year-old and is prepared to offer him quite the lucrative deal. Eriksen could be earning $130,000 a week after taxes according to The Times.

The deal for the Dane to head to Italy has been agreed in principle. He would sign a four-year contract with the Italian giants and earn plenty of greenbacks in the process.

If Eriksen were to earn $130,000 a week for the next four years, he would earn roughly $6.76 million a year. Multiply this yearly wage by four and his deal adds up to about $27 million.

This mark of $27 million will be used to determine all of the fun items Eriksen could purchase if he spent all of his money on these items.

1. The Car

First on the list is every footballer’s most needed item: a luxury sports car. One of the most expensive cars is the Lamborghini Veneno, costing $4.5 million. In case Eriksen wants to be a nice guy and buy some for his friends, his new deal could buy him six of these supercars. Talk about riding in style.

2. The Boat

With Italy bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Eriksen might need a boat for the offseason. Obviously if the maximum amount of flexing is to be reached, he needs a yacht. The Enigma Blue is a top of the line yacht on sale for $27 million. All Eriksen has to do is save up for the next four years and then we'll have to call him Captain Eriksen.

3. The Plane

Land and sea have been covered, now Eriksen needs to take to the skies. Lower end private jets can cost around $3 million. There are additional costs for crew, fuel, etc., but for this example Eriksen is simply buying the jet by itself. With the jet costing $3 million, he could throw together his own fleet by the end of his Inter tenure. Keep an eye in the sky for Air Force Eriksen.

4. The Food

Being a professional footballer works up quite the appetite. Now that Eriksen will be in Italy, he can indulge in some true Italian pizza. So, what better place than Little Caesars with the $5 Hot-n-Ready pizzas? If Eriksen, for some ungodly reason, decided to allocate all of his earnings towards Little Caesars pizzas, he could purchase a whopping 5.4 million pizzas. That’s over 43 million slices. Hopefully he shares some and doesn’t eat it all himself.

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