Chicharito Scores First-Ever MLS Goal, But Misses Two Big Opportunities In Narrow Defeat

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández opened up his MLS scoring career with the LA Galaxy against the Portland Timbers on Monday.

But Chicharito’s shot would fall short, with the LA Galaxy losing 2-1.

This comes after Chicharito missed two major opportunities: a penalty shot in the 12th minute and from nearly the same spot in the 47th. 

The forward blamed himself for the loss, saying: “I told the lads this one was on me.”

He went on to commend the team’s overall effort, but also said that there is room for improvement. 

Some fans are heated about Chicharito’s arrival to the Galaxy, calling him washed up and hoping for a speedy retirement on his part.

This guy says Chicharito acted stuck up, like he was LA’s savior or something…

But would a stuck up guy take the entire blame for a loss? I don’t think so. Sure, he still missed two big opportunities, but maybe he’s just getting warmed up to a new system. Maybe this will be a breakout season…

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