Best Game Modes To Play On FIFA 20 During COVID-19 Outbreak

Let’s be brutally honest here, we’re all extremely bummed right now. The European leagues are in disarray, MLS has been suspended and everyone is a little on edge because of the coronavirus. So if you're self-quarantining or simply hiding, here are the best FIFA 20 game modes to play to take your mind off things.

1. Tournaments

With over 50 different tournaments to pick from, you can be at this mode for days, possibly months. The best part? You can pick your favorite team and finish their season.

Lazio fans were so close to seeing their club achieve its first Serie A title since 2000. Now they can finish what their team started and triumph. Any MLS supporter can bring their team back as the season was still so young. The possibilities are endless.

2. Career Mode

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Whether you choose the role of player or manager, Career Mode offers a unique challenge for FIFA 20 players. Either choose to dominate the globe with one of the world’s best, or pick from an overlooked club for a challenge. If you really hate yourself, you can always try to bring a club from League 2 up to the Premier League.

3. Ultimate Team

Introduced in FIFA 09, FUT is the most played mode in the whole game. Build a squad and work your way up to creating the best team possible. Or go the EA Sports route and spend real money on the game to skip the hard work and get the best players immediately. No one will judge you.

4. Online Seasons

If you’re not in the mood to build a quality team, then skip the hassle and jump right into the competitive online seasons mode. With ten divisions to play through, it's guaranteed to match you up with players of the same skill-level. The question is, do you have what it takes to make it to Division One?

5. Kick-Off

In FIFA 19, Kick-Off offered crazy new game modes more diverse than its predecessors. FIFA 20 is no different. Sure, you can take it easy and do a classic friendly match, or you can implement a wide variety of house rules to spice up the game. 

Some game modes include survival mode — where a user loses a player every time they score — headers and volley goals only, or anything goes with no rules. 

FIFA 20 will surely have enough entertainment to keep you entertained during these testing times. If FIFA isn’t your speed, there are many more football-inspired games that will be the perfect fit.

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