Bayern Munich's Title Celebration Inadvertently Reveals Them To Be The Uruk-Hai

After defeating Wolfsburg 6-0 to claim the Bundesliga title, Bayern Munich players were seen wearing shirts bearing the white hand of Saruman.

Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga after trashing Wolfsburg, 6-0, and they celebrated with shirts!

Is . . . is that the White Hand of Saruman? I wouldn't consider myself a Lord of the Rings aficionado or anything, but that really looks like the White Hand of Saruman.

What is the White Hand of Saruman, you ask, because you occasionally go outside?

From the Lord of the Rings wiki:

The White Hand of Saruman was the primary symbol of the Uruk-hai, created by Saruman the White, a member of the Istari and later a servant to Sauron. The "hand" was featured mainly on banners and flags of Saruman's Army. The hand is used as an intimidating symbol on the helmets and faces of Uruk-Hai. 


The Uruk-Hai are a race of super-orcs who run around destroying things at the wizard Saruman's bidding, so perhaps the Bayern Munich connection is not particularly far-fetched. Certainly other Bundesliga teams would be able to draw comparisons.

This is Saruman explaining orcs and the Uruk-Hai to a newly-formed (or hatched, or born, or whatever) Uruk-Hai named "Lurtz".

Bayern Munich claim the white hand is to symbolize five Bundesliga titles in a row, but we are on to them. Don't let them carry away any Hobbits.

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Bayern Munich

Photo: @B24pt | Twitter

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