Which Animal Is The Best At Predicting World Cup Games? (Hint: It's Our Chameleon)

There's a long history of animals predicting World Cup games, but there's never been a Nostradamus quite like our chameleon.

With every World Cup tournament comes the inevitable predictions from various types of animals. The 2010 World Cup saw Paul the Octopus set the bar high for every animal, as he accurately predicted the outcome of every Germany match as well as the World Cup final. Yes, he even predicted that they would lose to Spain in the semifinals, causing mass outrage amongst German fans to the point where they wanted to eat the poor guy

He was so successful that he even scored himself his very own Wikipedia page

Sadly, Paul the Octopus passed away a few months after the tournament, and ever since, there have been plenty of animals who have tried to live up to the legend of Paul but could not. 

But this is a year of change. A World Cup year will bring plenty of animal predictions, but here are some of the animals that we really would like to see. 


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The Australian team needs all the help it can get. With a group consisting of France, Denmark and Peru, the Socceroos could do with a kangaroo predicting their games. The kangaroo would bounce over a box with the flags of the countries playing, and whichever one they hop over first will be deemed the winner of the game. 


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Everyone knows that dolphins can do cool jumps and stuff, so why not see if they could score a goal? They can be thrown a ball or something and then swim up to a net that has a country’s flag on it. It could take a while to teach a dolphin how to do that though.


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These cute little critters are very adorable. Now imagine a squirrel doing a World Cup prediction. It would melt hearts across the globe, including ours. I mean, squirrels already love a pitch invasion, why not take it to the next level and predict a match? The squirrel would go to a box containing an acorn, and the box that has the flag of a country will be declared the winner.


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Depending on how you see the word, one person might think of the animal, while another will think of Lionel Messi. One version would be deciding the winner based on what patch of grass it decides to eat, and the other would be which goal they score in. You decide on whether the animal or the person does what scenario. Either way, it makes for an interesting thought.


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Yep, those little fellas that change color would make for a crazy World Cup predicting animal. Imagine if they changed color to the flag of the team that they think would win a game? Wait, hold on a second. Apparently, a chameleon has already done a World Cup prediction?! You can see how a friendly chameleon, aptly named Leon, had a go at predicting the match between Spain and Portugal (side note: the one that the chameleon eats is who he thinks will win the game).

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