Ademola Lookman Embarrassed His Manager With A Brutal Nutmeg In Training

One of the most important jobs a manager must accomplish in order to be successful is earning the respect of his or her players. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including but not limited to leading by example through hard work, displaying superior soccer knowledge while gameplanning, showing players they are truly cared for or displaying actual soccer skills to impress players.

The ship has probably sailed on that last bit for England U-21 manager Aidy Boothroyd. Look what Everton youngster Ademola Lookman did to Boothroyd in training.

Boothroyd is going to have a hell of a time trying to win the locker room back after that. Goodness.

Obviously, Boothroyd must get his revenge by nutmegging Lookman, reestablishing the status quo. But how must he go about doing that? Boothroyd did not exactly set the world on fire as a player, spending most of his professional career with Heart of Midlothian and Peterborough United. It has also been nearly 20 years since his last professional appearance.

Lookman is already better than Boothroyd ever was. Boothroyd must use cunning. The element of surprise. Perhaps during the team talk. Or when Lookman's getting off the bus. He'll never see it coming, and Boothroyd can reclaim the dressing room.

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