2018 Champions League Final Drinking Game

Hello Jerrys. If you’ve landed on this page, that means you are trying to get a little sauced for the 2018 Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

After last year, we’ve carefully devised (not really) a Champions League drinking game that should do the trick. First and foremost, please drink responsibly. With these two attacks going at it, you may be kickin’ back a little more than you can handle. Especially if you follow the Cristiano Ronaldo rule closely. 

Champions League Drinking Game

There's a number of which ways you can play our little game. You can:

  1. Participate in every rule.
  2. Pick a team and only participate in the rules when your team is involved (aside from the evergreen / most fun rules)
  3. Use your brain and use this as a guide to creating your own rules.
  4. Be a jerry and don't play

Here is a recap of all the rules if our fancy graphic is too much for you.

1 Sip:

  • Goal Kick
  • Free Kick 
  • Offside 
  • Throw In 
  • Foul
  • Jurgen Klopp Yelling 
  • World Cup Plug

2 Sips:

  • Corner Kick 
  • Yellow Card 
  • Post / Crossbar 
  • Flop
  • Celebrity Spotting 

One Shot:

  • Goal
  • Red Card


  • Halftime and Fulltime - Finish your beer
  • Extra Time - Finish your beer 
  • Cristiano on the ground - Drink until he gets up 
  • Any Firmino, Salah, Mane trident references - 3 sips 

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