10 Kit Sponsorship Deals We Would Like To See Happen

Kit sponsorship deals are boring. Let's liven them up!

Most kit sponsorship deals in soccer are dumb, bad, boring and unimaginative. Frankly, with so many brands clamoring for real estate on the front of big football clubs' shirts, we should be seeing kit sponsorships that are a lot more creative. With that in mind, we have some suggestions.


Instead of Emirates Airlines, let’s go with a different airline: Frontier. Put one of the animal mascots on the shirt.

Manchester City

Noel Gallagher should sponsor the kits and put this screen cap (regarding Manchester United) on the front of City’s shirts. /soccer-videos/noel-gallagher-doesnt-think-much-manchest...


The company that makes those hats that hipsters wear. You know the ones.


They went down the children’s charity route once, why not try it again? This time with a different charity, though: Kars4Kids.

Real Madrid

All the Cristiano Ronaldo brands on one shirt. Do it.

RB Leipzig

Perhaps a different company with the initials “RB” such as Ray-Bans.


Saint Germain the liqueur. This isn’t that complicated. 


Advertise all the Monaco players that are currently for sale.

AC Milan

One of those ads that’s like an advertisement for a company to advertise in that space. This could be your company’s ad! 


Go back to Newcastle beer.

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