Lionel Messi's New Tattoo Is Weird

You can't un-see Lionel Messi's new tattoo: a pair of lips on his abdomen.

Lionel Messi is a very tattooed man and he has a penchant for tattoos some folks might consider strange. For example, the one on his left leg, which is almost completely black, like someone colored his lower leg with a sharpie.

He has a new tattoo which could be considered weird, a pair of lips (presumably modeled on those belonging to his wife) on his abdomen, which he shared a picture of after Barcelona's 5-0 win against Espanyol in the Catalan derby, in which Messi scored a hat trick.

Hey man it's your body, draw whatever you want on it.

Based on Messi's tattoo history, Messi will become unsatisfied with that tattoo and have it colored in, leaving him with a red circle on his abdomen, like he's been cupping.

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