Young Women Give Their Opinions On Gareth Bale. It Gets Ugly.

Gareth Bale elicits strong opinions, apparently even among those that don’t even know his name.

They say women are the taste makers of every generation. If that is true then maybe this video has something to do with why so many people took a metaphorical dump on Gareth Bale in the 2014/15 season. 

For anyone who follows Real Madrid, you’ll know that Bale was the greatest thing since sliced bread at Tottenham the year before he moved to Real Madrid, and for his first year at Madrid, that continued: he scored the game winning goal in the 2014 Champions League Final, and did this to Barcelona: 

And then last year happened and it all went to s***. Fans were booing him. Other fans were waiting outside of Real Madrid’s training facility to yell and kick at his car when he left. It was a bad time to be Gareth Bale. Things didn’t get any better when people outside of the world of football were asked their opinions about him. 

A bunch of young women were shown a picture of Bale as a teenager and then as an adult. Their opinions varied widely, just like Real Madrid fans’ opinions of Bale from last year to the year before. Only this time they all seemed to be variously bad, both then and now. 

There’s only one thing you can do now, Gareth:

a meme of an old english gentlemen surrounded by the words "disregard females, acquire trophies."

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