The Worst Flop Of All-Time

Leeds United midfielder Adryan's acting job on this flop may be the worst - scratch that, best - we've ever seen.

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Those are two things that Leeds United midfielder Adryan might be feeling after he sees footage from the club's match against Derby County this past weekend. 

The Brazilian, who is on loan from Flamengo to Leeds United, took a light foul on the foot and took acting to a whole new level. The midfielder who has been compared to Kaka proceeded to act like he was receiving electroshock therapy before he flailed himself from the ground into the air like a dolphin to really, really let the referee know he was fouled.

Adryan Flop, Leeds United

Thanks to this post on Vine, Adryan's flop will live in infamy forever. (Photo: Owen Bradley | Vine)

Flopping is an issue in soccer, but even king flopper Arjen Robben wouldn’t go this far. We send our condolences to Adryan, because he is going to have a lot to do to replace this pathetic act in people’s minds.

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