Reading Launched Their New Kits In Space For Some Reason

Reading's kit launch for the 2016-2017 season turned out to be an actual launch, as their new kits were unveiled in space. Really.

Reading Football Club have gone above and beyond with the term "kit launch". Matter of fact, they've gone to (extremely Star Trek voice) Space: the final frontier.

They may not technically have been in space (we, personally, do not know where the exact line is), but they did go 40 kilometers above the surface of the Earth. That's higher than any other kit launch ever except for maybe when the Colorado Caribous unveiled their famous fringe jerseys, but that is a different sort of high altogether.

That video is just a preview. A teaser. The real, full-length kit-launch video is about 80 minutes long. We urge you to watch it if you are the sort of high discussed earlier with the Caribous. Space, man. Space.


After all the trouble they went through, we were hoping the kit would be more spacey-looking than the ones Reading unveiled. At least put, like, rocket ships on it.

(H/T The Goalmouth)

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