Cristiano Ronaldo Wants You To Check Out His Legs

Cristiano Ronaldo wants you to take a good hard look at his legs. Go ahead. Seriously, he doesn't want to have to beg, but will you please look at them?

The fallout from Brexit and its implications for the United Kingdom. The widening divide between United States of America voters siding with either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. The global rise in refugee numbers and the humanitarian crises facing us all.

No matter. Cristiano Ronaldo just wants you to look at his legs. Just look at them, damn you! These legs are going to solve the world’s problems, one highly toned quadricep at a time. 

No pain no gain

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“No pain no gain” Ronaldo’s Instagram post also states as he drapes various exercise accoutrements across his neck like a slimnastics fashionista.

For Lionel Messi, the pain has become too much to bear. It’s forced him into early retirement. For Ronaldo, the pain is being directly converted into highly impressive anterior muscles, such as the quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas and sartorious group. 


Ronaldo doesn’t skip leg day — he embraces it. He knows it’s about more than just doing squats; it’s about leg presses, remembering the hamstrings, and never rounding your spine. That’s how you hurt your back, Messi.

Ronaldo’s favorite player of the Copa America tournament was almost certainly Alexis Sanchez, who also has a strong propensity to have people gaze at his legs. 

Alexis Sanchez

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In summary, if you haven't been following along, Ronaldo wants you to look at his legs. Go ahead and stare. In fact, go ahead and take a picture, it’ll last longer. He’s even gone ahead and provided us with one. 

These legs are back in action on June 30 against Poland in Marseille. If these legs can get Portugal past the quarter-finals, who knows how far these legs will go. You could be looking at these legs all summer. 

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