It Was A Friendly, But That Didn’t Stop This Defender From Almost Killing Someone.

Bruno Alves sent in a flying kick at Harry Kane’s head that could have broken Kane’s neck had he been in a worse position.

England took on Portugal today in an internatinoal friendly. The match was really more of a tune-up game for the imminent Euro 2016 tournament than anything else, and so both sides were looking to learn more about their players, try out some new things, and generally just finish off the day better than they started it.

Except for Bruno Alves. Bruno Alves almost killed Harry Kane.


Ok, now I’m sure Alves was just trying to win the ball there, but that doesn’t change the fact that he seriously could have killed Kane there. An inch or two one way or another and Alves’ foot gets planted studs up on Kane’s skull with the full force of Alves’ body behind it, and Alves isn’t exactly a small man.

Needless to say, Alves was sent off.

Kane and England would eventually get the last laugh, they beat Portugal 1-0.

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