Barcelona And Real Madrid's Away Kits Look Like Clones Of Each Other

La Liga powers Real Madrid and Barcelona have revealed their away kits for the 2016/2017 season, and they look like twins.

Well this is awkward. Barcelona and Real Madrid have gone and turned up in the same shirt.

The La Liga winners and the Champions League winners both unveiled their away kits for the upcoming season last week, and it looks like they got the same person to design them and he didn't feel like making two jerseys so he just made one and gave it to both teams.

Nike (Barcelona) and Adidas (Real Madrid) really should have checked with each other before making the new kits.

Well, this is embarrassing. You never want to show up to school/work/anywhere really wearing the same shirt as someone else, especially if that someone else is professed to be your rival. 


Barcelona and Real Madrid are two of the more forward-thinking clubs out there, jersey-wise, so purple must be in right now. All the kids must be out there wearing purple. If they're not, now that both Real Madrid and Barcelona have purple jerseys, the kids certainly will be.

They should have to play each other while both wearing purple so we can watch and laugh as confusion reigns.

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