Aston Villa's Chairman Appears To Be Having Delusions of Grandeur

Aston Villa Chairman Dr. Tony Xia participated in a Twitter q&a Wednesday, and his answers revealed he is a bit of an optimist.

Aston Villa chairman Dr. Tony Xia participated an a special Twitter Q&A session, and one particular Q&A grabbed our attention.

Wait, what?

Dr. Xia's comments reminded us of a particular scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, in which King Arthur fights the Black Knight, who harbors many delusions of grandeur.

Dr. Tony Xia might be a loony.

Let's keep in mind that this season Aston Villa got scored on by Kolo Toure. Even if in five years they do become the biggest club in Europe with the largest supporter base in the world, people will still refer to Villa as "that team that got scored on by Kolo Toure five years ago."

You got scored on by Kolo Toure. You're a loony. The commentator sums Aston Villa up perfectly at the end of the video, when he says, "Jurgen Klopp, not even bothering—"

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