This Goalkeeper Scored Goals From Free Kicks In 3 Consecutive Games

Courtois, Neuer and Oblak: You've all been challenged.

A historic event took place in a game between Boca Juniors de Cali (not the Argentinian one) and Valledupar FC, a match played on Matchday 3 of Colombia's Primera B. 

This event is about Nelson Ramos, who became the first goalkeeper in the history of professional soccer to score goals from free kicks in three consecutive matches in official competitions.

January 17, 2021: Boca Juniors 1-1 Atlético FC. Goal by Nelson Ramos. Minute 35.

January 23, 2021: Barranquilla FC 0-1 Boca Juniors. Goal by Nelson Ramos. Minute 17.

January 31, 2021: Boca Juniors 1-2 Valledupar. Goal by Nelson Ramos. Minute 80.

Nelson Fernando Ramos Betancourt (39 years old) has been playing for Boca Juniors for two seasons after having played for: Deportivo Pasto, Equidad, América de Cali, Millonarios, Deportivo Quito, Fortaleza, Independiente, Jaguares de Córdoba and Atlético Bucaramanga.

In his entire career, he has scored 10 goals. Six of them were in the first division and four more came in the second division. His first goal was in 2008, and at that time he broke a 10-year drought without a goalkeeper scoring a goal in Colombian soccer.

Is this a Guinness record?

Throughout history there are some famous goalkeeping goalscorers such as Jose Luis Chilavert, Rogerio Ceni and René Higuita himself, all of them references for the goalkeeper from Payán.

Precisely, the Brazilian Ceni prevents Ramos from entering the book that highlights the most outstanding records in the world. The Spanish statistician 'Mr. Chip' published that Ceni scored four goals in three games in 2005. This is what he published:

About the goalkeeper Nelson Ramos scoring in 3 consecutive games that you ask me, ... it is extraordinary, but it is not a unique case. Rogério Ceni scored four goals in three consecutive matches played in only seven days (one on May 25, 2005, one on May 28 and two on June 1).

However, what he did not specify is that the Brazilian's goals weren’t all from free kicks; the Colombian's did come from this route and that deserves the special recognition he's already getting. It is an unprecedented fact.

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